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Air purifiers basically work by disinfecting the air, which might incorporate poisons and  allergens. They’re the specific inverse of fundamental oil diffusers and humidifiers, which add particles to indoor air.


An air purifier or air cleaner is a gadget which eliminates toxins from the air in a space to further develop indoor air quality. These gadgets are ordinarily advertised as being advantageous to sensitivity victims and asthmatics, and at decreasing or taking out recycled tobacco smoke.


By and large, an air purifier capacities by driving air from your room into the machine utilizing a sort of flowing fan. The air then, at that point goes through a channel which will trap airborne toxins from the air and just permit clean air to keep on passing.

Working Principle 


The current air purifier in the focal point of the resulting association all around fuses the going with: actual filtration, electrostatic adsorption and mixed sort. The first is essential actual filtration, believe it or not, through the high-volume and high-pressure drop of the fan, the air through one or a couple of layers of channel screen, filter through the particulate issue and dangerous substances. HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter) advancement is the middle piece of HEPA development.   


According to the specific standards, for particles with an estimation of 1 micron, the filtration rate should be above 85%  (H10 standard, BSEN1822) before they can be called HEPA channels. HEPA can in like manner be masterminded into different levels according to the filtration viability, yet what makes a difference is exceptionally limited. Most HEPA developments have had the alternative to resolve the issues of families. Essentially, air purifiers without HEPA are not recommended for acquirement.


Additionally, impelled carbon is in like manner a conventionally used air cleaning material. Authorized carbon adsorbs suspended solids by its colossal proportion of micropore. The pore size of incited carbon changes from 0.3 to 50 microns. Ordered carbon can moreover adsorb noxious and destructive gases. Unmistakable impelled carbon has assorted adsorption pore size and obstruction sway. 

About our Air Purifier Products


We are world’s leading manufacturers to research, design, sales and produce the related production in air cleaning products and equipment. We have a skilled team of professional equipment manufacturing, multiple workshop with the use of advanced CNC cutting, laser welding equipment, assembly and so on. The main production equipment: fan filter unit (FFU), Personal (cargo) Air shower, clean booth, clean bench, laminar flow hood, clean pass box, weighing room, HEPA filter, V type filter, Pocket filter, Pleated Pre-filter, heat – resistance filter, photo-catalyst filter, all kinds of air purifier filter and car air filter, household FFU etc.,


Our products are made in strict compliance with FS209E, ISO14644-1 and GMP standard, widely applied in medical treatment, public health, micro-electronics, optical fiber& cable, bio-pharmaceuticals, food& beverage, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, inspection & quarantine, aerospace, automobile, precision instruments, institutions of higher education, scientific research and teaching, etc. 


We are devoted to provide professional purification technology and solutions for for customers.

We have various products for customers to deliver, but here we shall be highlighting about the following 3 products:

  1. Model M20 – Portable Air Sterilizing Purifying Machine
  2. Model Y1000 – Mobile Air Sterilizing Purifying Machine
  3. Model Y2500 Pro- Large Air Volume Air Purifier Sterilizer

Model M20 - Portable Air Sterilizing Purifying Machine

Features of M20

  • Sterilizing – 99.9%
  • Degerming – 99.7%
  • 5 Mins Fast Purifying
  • Fiberglass HEPA
  • H13 Class
  • Leakage Protection
  • Complete Closed UV Catalyst
  • 18 Cu.M Large interception
  • Multiple purification
  • Low Noise
  • Elimination rate of Bacteria – 99.9%
  • Circulating Clean Air Volume -410 Cu.M
  • Effective Purification Level –  6 stages
  • Circulating Clean air volume –  0.1 µm
  • Influenza Virus Removal – 99.7%
  • Effective Purification Area – 60 Sq.M
  • Human Machine Real Time Protection – 24 H
  • Ultra violet sterilization lamp – 254 nm

Model Y1000 - Mobile Air Sterilizing Purifying Machine

Model Y2500 Pro- Large Air Volume Air Purifier Sterilizer

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