APRIXIATE Pull Up Bar for Doorway, Chin Up Bar No Screw Installation Strength Training Pull-Up Bars with Automatic Locking, Adjustable Width for Home Gym Exercise Fitness 440 LBS

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Product Description

Although You Have Ten Million, But No Health, You Nothing

pull up barpull up bar

pull up barpull up bar

Key Points Can Quickly Let You Understand This Pull Up Bar

Quick and easy to assemble.Made of stainless steel, strong and durable.Works with all standard door frames. (Adjustable Range: 28.7″- 37.4″)No screws installation which will not leave marks on the door.Non-slip foam grips can relieve hand fatigue, and come with 4No gym membership fee, just do it at home.Space-Saving when in no useIdeal for pull-ups, leg lifting, sit-ups or push-ups.Great gifts for kids, family, boyfriend, girlfriend

You love this pull up bar, right? But how to confirm this pullup bar is suitable for you?

3 Ways to Let You Know If It Fit for Your Door Frame

pull up barpull up bar

The pull up bar adjustment range is from 28.7 to 37.4 inch. You can measure your door frame distance with tape. If it is within this range, it is suitable. Otherwise, vice versa. Different lengths can support different weight. The longer the bar, the less weight it can support.This chin up bar is recommended to be installed on the corridor, security door solid wood door and cement door. Don’t install on the hollow door, glass door, uneven door and wall, small width door frame.The width of the red base supported at both ends is 2.4 inches width. If your door frame is smaller than this size, it is not suitable.

pull up barpull up bar

Pullup Bar Details

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

pull up bar

Half-arc Structure

The half-arc structure pull up bar uses the principle of mechanics, the heavier the upper pullup bar is, the stronger it is.

Large Friction Pad

This pull up bar is designed with non-slip devices on both sides. The base width is 2.4 inch, make sure the door frame is larger than this size.

Bubble Liquid Level Meter

Using spirit level meter can help you install and use the chin up bar in the balanced state. (When the bubble is in the middle, that means the chin up bar is in a balanced state.)

4 Foam Grip Gloves

Non-slip soft foam handle minimizes hand fatigue or pain. It can be disassembled and cleaned at the same time. We also provide a spare pair of gloves, total 4 grip gloves.

Multi-functional Home Pull Up Bar

pull up barpull up bar

Voice of Customers for this Pull Up Bar

pull up barpull up bar


Q1: What is the maximum supported weight?

A1: 550Lbs, but please note that different length can support different weights.

Q2: Can I install on a wall?

A2: Yes, you can install on a cement wall. But do not install on a paint wall, the paint may stick to the base.

Q3: Why does the bar will slip during workout?

A3: The first is that it does not stay to door or wall tightly during installation. The second is that the bar is in an unbalanced state. The third is that the locking screw on the bar is not tightened. The fourth is not paying attention to the relationship between length and supportable weight.

Q4: The package is missing a screw and manual, what can I do?

A4: We would like to send you a new replacement.

【High Quality Security, Max Weight 550lbs】The entire pull up bar is mainly made of 3mm high-quality steel tube. Unlike other pullup bar, the width of the tube is deliberately designed to 3cm to increase the weight capacity without bending. Combined with the arch design of the supporting feet, the heavier the weight they bear, the stronger the outward tension, preventing from falling off during exercise.
【Upgrade Locking Design, Anti-sliding】Did lots of tests, using the traditional screw stainless steel ring locking structure is twice as safe as the buckle type and plastic locking. Equipped with a large size 5.9×2.4 inch PVC pad and curved texture design, it increases the friction with the door frame and is not easy to slide.
【No Drilling, No Assemble, No Screws】Unlike other doorway pull up bar that require drilling and assembly, pull up bars doesn’t require that and easy to install and take down. It can be installed on most door frames from 27.7 to 37.4 inches and meets the standard size of American households. But don’t use it in apartments or painted walls, high friction will leave a mark.
【Upgrade Spirit Level Make it Balance】By rotating the bar or the base, the length of the two ends can be adjusted in both directions to ensure the force balance and not easy to slip off. And both ends feature level gauges, through the middle position of the bubble to judge that the door pull up is in a level state, instead of using your eyes to estimate. Provide more accurate judgment and safety for your installation.
【A Killer at Home Workout】Say goodbye to the gym and laziness, train right away at home. Whenever you pass the door, it will catch your eyes and force you to do exercises, even just one pull-ups, a small step to success. Also you can do sit-ups, push-ups, L-shaped sitting, and training with pull up bands. We provide a detail installation video and instructions, if any questions, please let me know.

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