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Brand: Healthgenie

Digital Weight Machine Thick Tempered Glass LCD Display 2+1 Yr extended Warranty Weighing Scale (Sharp Blue)

Brand: Dr. Trust (USA) Model 514

Elegance Personal Digital Electronic Body Weight Machine For Human Body 180Kg Capacity Weighing Scale (Grey)


MILTON Ernesto Inner Steel Jr. Casserole Set of 3 (420 ml, 850 ml, 1.43 Litres), Grey Pack of 3 Thermoware Casserole Set (420 ml, 850 ml, 1430 ml)

Brand: Pigeon

Pigeon Special Combo Pack 2 L, 3 L, 5 L Pressure Cooker (Aluminium)#JustHere

Brand: Khaitan

Khaitan 2 Burner BP Nano Premium MS Black Glass Manual Gas Stove (2 Burners)

Brand: Classic Essentials

Classic Essentials Pack of 32 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Glory Dinner set ,32-Pieces,Silver -Heavy Gauge with Permanent Laser Design Dinner Set (Silver)

Brand: DPM LED

DPM LED temperature water bottle display I LED indicator water bottle hot & cool 500 ml Bottle (Pack of 1, Black, Steel)


LIMETRO STEEL Set of 5 Copper Bottom Stainless Steel Handi Set / Cookware Set with Lid ( Capacity : 0.5 Ltr , 0.75 Ltr , 1 Ltr , 1.5 Ltr , 2 Ltr) Cookware Set (Stainless Steel, 5 - Piece)

Brand: Master Superior

Induction Base Tawa 28 cm diameter (Aluminium, Non-stick, Induction Bottom)

Brand: Kreyam

Set of 6 Pattern Discs Kitchen Press


Thermosteel Flip lid 1000 ml Flask (Pack of 1, Silver, Steel)

Brand: VINOD

Steel 3 Tier Steamer/Momo/Modak Maker with Glass Lid & Riveted Handles Stainless Steel Steamer (2.3 L)

Brand: Oliveware Teso

Lunch Box with Bottle (Blue-Pro) 4 Containers Lunch Box (1470 ml)


MILTON Glass Manual Gas Stove (4 Burners)

Brand: Classic Essential

Black coloured Stainless Steel Handi/patila/bhagona/biryani cook & serve Handi Cookware Set (Stainless Steel, 10 - Piece)


Plastic Utility Container - 250 ml (Pack of 16, Clear)

Brand: KB Trade

3 Stages Knife Sharpener Ceramic, Diamond and Stainless Steel Knife Knives Scissor and Blade Sharpening Non-Slip Tools Sharpener Knife Grinder Knife Sharpening Steel (Steel, Rubber)