Super Strong Eyelash Eyelid Glue, Invisible Long Lasting Waterproof False Eyelash Grafting Double Eyelid Glue with Y Stick for Girls/Women Beauty(White)

Price: $9.18
(as of Apr 27,2022 00:02:53 UTC – Details)

Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: False Eyelash Glue
Texture: Liquid
Optional Type: White Glue, Black Glue
Features: Strong adhesion, easy to remove makeup, waterproof and sweatproof
1. White glue
Strong adhesive force, lasting style is not easy to take off makeup, lasting protection delicate eye makeup
Natural concealing transparent, drying about 30S and it will become transparent color, create natural delicate eye makeup
Fine brush head designs, precise daub on false eyelash or draw on eyelid, easy to grasp.
Usage of white glue:
False eyelash: in the eyelash root evenly lightly brush a layer of adhesive liquid, you can paste on false eyelash or draw in the eyelid, easy to grasp.
Double eyelid:
1. Wipe excess oil from eyelids with a cotton pad before use;
2. Apply appropriate amount to the eyelid and gently brush a line at the appropriate position;
3. After the glue is transparent for a few seconds, press the glue position with the fork to fix the double eyelid shape.
2. Black glue:
Become black after glue drying, while wearing false eyelash, also can show the liquid eyeliner effect, double eye makeup effect
Care delicate eye skin, moisturizing while applying the makeup, lasting care eye skin.
Usage: evenly brush a layer of glue at the root of eyelash, then glue it to the appropriate position of eyes.

Package List: 1 x Glue 
1 x Y-Shape Fork

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Sonew

GOOD INVISIBILITY: Our false eyelash glue has transparent texture, rich in ductility. After drying, the gel will become very invisible and you can hardly see the trace of glue, just like your natural eyelashes.
EASY TO REMOVE: Our double eyelid glue is very easy to remove, just wet the cotton pad with water, cover your eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe it off, which is friendly to our skin.
SAFE & HARMLESS: Our eyelash glue uses low sensitivity prescription, ingredients more mild and no irritation. Both novices and girls who wear false eyelashes for a long time can use our eyelash glue.
2 TYPES AVAILABLE: There are 2 different eyelash glue types. One is white, you can precise daub on false eyelash or draw on eyelid, easy to grasp can you can get double eylide effect. And one is black, once you wear false eyelash with the black glue, you can see the liquid eyeliner effect.

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