Zumoe Lacrosse Mouthguard Mouth Guard Retainer Case – 7 Standing Sticks

Price: $13.99
(as of Jun 12,2022 21:10:14 UTC – Details)

Zumoe has designed and manufactured a fun, cute, new way to hold your mouth guard, Clear Invisable Retainers, mouthpiece or night guard. There are 50 designs by Zumoe, There are designs for everyone, cute, fun, attitude or blings. These cases are also great for holding jewelry while you play a sport if you do not use a mouthguard. Hope you become a Zumoe user and tell your friends about this great way to strap your mouthguard onto your sports bag, purse, lunchbox or book bag with the Carabiner and ID tag for your personal information.
Mouthguard, Mouth Guards or Clear Invisable Retainers called 7 Standing Sticks
Easy clip and ID tag connects to whatever you are carrying
3″ wide, 2 3/4″ high and 1 1/4 deep. Made in USA
Fun, Bright, breathable and secure case, PBA FREE

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