About Us


We are thoroughly exploring Global Market to promote the Best Products & Services offered by our our partners through Affiliate Marketing. We thoroughly review and scan the market to provide the best Products & Services for our esteemed customers.  We never compromise in providing Quality Products & Services for our customers.


We have set our direction to be a part of success story by undertaking to participate in Affiliate Marketing, partnering with the best companies in meeting the demands of the customer by surpassing their requirements.


We thoroughly review for our customers various products & Services in Health, Wellness, Fitness, Weight Loss, Home/ Gardening/ Kitchen, Baby/Kids, Elecronics, Jewellery, Personal Care, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Men/Women Footwears, Travel, Sports and Grocery.

Affiliate Marketing

We are associated with our Partners through Affiliate marketing to promote industries best Products & Services to our Customers. We reach customers of all genders belonging to various age groups/ ethnics by adopting following approaches:

  • Thorough Market Survey to table the best Products & Services.
  • Interact with Customers  to meet their demands.
  • Clarify customers for queries & help rather than just sell.
  • Give customers with bunch of options.
  • Ultimately meet Customer satisfaction .

Products & Services

We promote Products & Services to our customers in the following areas:

  • Electronic goods like Laptops, Desktops, Computer Monitors, Mobiles, Tabs, Various accessories,  etc.,
  • Home Appliances like Wardrobes, Dining Tables, Centre Tables, Wooden cots, Beds, study tables, corner tables, Chairs and Sofas.
  • Kitchen items like Fridge, Micro oven, Autoclean Chimney, Auto Ignition Gas Stoves, Utensils, Knifes, Vegetable/Fruits storage and Grinders.
  • Health Products to fight against Obesity, Blood Pressure, Diabetics, Nutritional products, wellness, fitness, weight loss and Diet plans.
  • Webhosting, plugins, Software, Hardware spares, Web Security, website building and backend Website support.
  • Apparels for Men, Women & Kids like Pants, Shirts, Inner wears, Formal wears, Casual wears and ethnic wears.
  • Jewellery like rings, ear rings, chains, necklace, bangles, pendants etc., made of Gold, Silver and Diamonds promoted by prestigeous brands.
  • Financial Services offered by various companies for credit cards, loans, Securities and opening of online savings bank accounts.
  • Travel support promoted by various companiess for booking flights, hotels and Cabs.